***** New Schools for the 2018 - 2019 School Year: Downtown Doral Charter Upper School: 6-12 Grades - KIPP Miami Sunrise Academy: KG to 5th Grade *****

Tiffanie A. Pauline, Assistant Superintendent

This webpage has been designed to provide users with access to information relevant to selecting, opening, and operating a charter school.

Charter Schools in Florida are fully recognized as public schools. They are operated by, or organized as, nonprofit organizations typically run by a group of parents, teachers, municipalities, institutions, universities and/or a combination of more than one group.

Charter Schools are funded in part by the Florida Department of Education in the same manner as all other public schools in the state. Additional funding obtained through grants and private donations may also be utilized.

After visiting this site should you have additional questions, please contact the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Charter School Operations Office at 305-995-1403.


Manuals & Reports

Miami - Dade County Public Schools offers Charter School operators two areas for accessing and maintaining required records and ...


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Opening a Charter

Florida Statutes states” A sponsor shall receive and consider charter school applications received on or before February 1st of each calendar year...


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Rules & Regs

Guidelines from the local, State, and Federal level are part of the operation of all Charter schools



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