Applicant Instructions

  • Section 1002.33(6), F.S., requires charter school applicants to  an application on a model application form developed by the FDOE. These forms can be accessed using this Link

The deadline to submit an application to open a charter school for the

2019-20 School Year is February 1, 2018, no later than 4:30 p.m.

Should you have any questions regarding this meeting please contact Ms. Dahlia Gonzalez via  E-mail . 



Manuals & Reports

Miami - Dade County Public Schools offers Charter School operators two areas for accessing and maintaining required records and ...


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Opening a Charter

Florida Statutes states” A sponsor shall receive and consider charter school applications received on or before August 1st of each calendar year...


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Rules & Regs

Guidelines from the local, State, and Federal level are part of the operation of all Charter schools



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